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November 29, 2015


Alison O'Grady

Oh Jan can I ever understand.I work full-time at a job where it is thankless. I must for insurance and benefits. My heart is broken every day that I cannot spend it in my studio where creativity is my passion, my love, my everything. I am my fullest as a human being. My reasons are my business is not enough to sustain the means needed. I have tried many different ways and still I am stuck. My family is grown, so that is not my issue. I need my business to grow enough so I can where my passion grows. As a cancer survivor that has indeed suffered and seen the possibility of a life cut short, this is such a dream of mine........
I applaud you, Jan, that you are dealing with this temporary, (I certainly hope) break from daily artmaking, to bring those memories and family moments to your children....You will not regret it. I am cheering you on!
Invite me to your next pity party....I have them myself and they are better shared.
Alison O'Grady
Sew Bee It Clothier

P.S. Send me your ideas for that super sweet pillow I promised you awhile back! I meant it, girl!

Crystal Neubauer

Me too! I'll come to the party and bring the ice cream! Oh this is such a tough place to be, but also it is wonderful! As a mom with 3 grown children, I can tell you that regret over the things you didn't get to do with them is much worse then the regret of the art you can't make! I cannot even remember all of the ideas I had that I didn't get to try, but I do remember the vacations I couldn't take with my kids and the many ways I had to say no because there wasn't enough. You are an amazing woman living a wholehearted life and I applaud you!!

Jenny Petricek

I can completely relate to what you're going through. As a fellow educator, I also struggle so much with prioritizing my art-making. Most of my days in the classroom are long and stress-filled...and many evenings I come home totally drained. I don't feel like doing anything except vegging in front of the TV and resting. While I know my body and mind DO need the rest, I'm trying to spend less time doing that and more time in the studio...but it doesn't always happen.

I have often thought about what it'd be like to have a job that doesn't drain all of the energy out of me every day...but it's so scary to make a change. I've been teaching for over 12 years, and the thought of leaving what I've always known is not easy. I'm still turning over in my mind what it is I want to do.

Prayers and good vibes for you on your journey, friend!

Neenz Faleafine

Here's what I've learned, instead of "doing it all" -- I do what's essential and sometimes that means my connections as a friend are virtual, a text or a handwritten card. Instead of achieving work/life balance, I look for moments of harmony and sometimes those moments are found riding the bus during rush hour traffic with my earphones and my favorite music or watching the dogs play in the yard. Find what works for you. Oh and I sent you a message with a lead that will hopefully provide you with hope :)

Jan Avellana

dear alison,
i pray and hope that 2016 allows you more creative time too. it makes me smile to think of the pillow project!!! perhaps, soon? xo, jan

Jan Avellana

:) yay! party people! <3 thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders in this life. i am so grateful for you. xo

Jan Avellana

jenny! happy new year! yes, i'm constantly turning things over in my mind too. well, here's to a fresh new year to try! xo

Jan Avellana

thanks neen, just for always being there. and for wanting good things for me. and for being a friend. xo

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