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August 01, 2010



Jan, I really enjoy coming to visit your blog. Your art is beautiful and your mixed media techniques are interesting....cool. Being a jeweler I do like your metal work, but I have been really digging these mixed media pieces. I am on the fence about what kind of artist am I supposed to be. Do I paint...which is what I have done the longest, create jewelry which I like because of the physical manipulation of metal, or mixed media? Through Kelly Rae's workshop I learned it's ok to do all. I relate to your comments about depression. It comes and goes. My attitude has been very positive lately so that helps....also the sunshine helps for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and hope you'll hop over to my blog for a visit...leave a comment if you like. God bless.

Jan Avellana

dale, thanks for your words about my blog...i know what you mean about being on the fence. even tho' i know it's okay to make all kinds of art, i still struggle too. i guess it takes time to learn to be fearless. thank you for coming alongside me to be one of those companions; we all need each other, don't we?


I don't want to admit that it's the end of summer! But we've taken a 3-week vacation and the kids go back to school on Tuesday, so yes, it's true. I look forward to the growing season in Florida (we plant our veg gardens in October)and the cooler weather. Although there's no guarantee it will get cooler before December.

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