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August 04, 2010


Claire Sewell

Hang in there - it can be scary but hopefully there will be artistic happy little small steps that make you say WOW.

Jennifer Lennox


This is beautiful! I am LOVING your new art!

Jan Avellana

so happy to have you visit, claire and jennifer :)...thanks for the words of encouragement!!!

Carrie Schmitt

i love your work. sometimes i wonder why it is so much easier to admire someone else's art and not our own. i'm learning to trust too...it can be so very hard on this journey!

Juliette Crane

i'm super excited that you're playing in your studio. i love those letterpress blocks! all of your photos are just beautiful!

happy creating!


Such a beautiful post and beautiful work! It's really important for all of us to learn to trust our process. It's not easy but taking baby steps have help me alot. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Jan Avellana

hello ladies! :) mmm...

-carrie, i know what you mean, i do! yes, why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves and receive?

-juliette, oh, thank you! yes, been allowing myself to play this week, been telling myself 'lean into' and let things go where they will...it's been a productive week...

-jacqueline, thank you :)...yes, trust the process. i guess it's different (hmm and yet the same) for everyone. what is your process like?!


Dearest sweet Jan, i have a few process but lately im having this what i like to call it "spontaneous spurts of creativity" happen. I mean, this process is exactly the kind of thing that thrills me to no end. Sketching up a design, pattern making and sewing it into a reality ~ it's a lot of fun. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Jan Avellana

hi jacqueline :)...sounds like you are having fun playing. how wonderful! :) jan

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